Monday, March 9, 2009

We had "Hu Hot" at home for $20

Hu hot is one of our favorite Mongolian BBQ/stir fry restaurants in San Antonio. We all (6 of us) love to go and the meal will usually run us about $80, for noodles and salad. So I say "let's have Hu Hot at home!". They have a great Asian salad and a stir fry of rice noodles which is our favorite' so here it is:

Asian Salad

One head of lettuce
one can Mandarin oranges drained
one can stir fry vegetables drained
handful grape tomatoes sliced in half
Asian vinaigrette
chow main noodles

Combine, oranges, vegetables, tomatoes and 1/4 cup approximately salad dressing(to marinade)
in a large bowl toss to coat. Add chopped head of lettuce, add to bowl do not mix put in refrigerator until time to serve.

When time to serve toss add more dressing to your taste add chow main noodles, we always finish the entire salad the kids enjoy it too.

Stir fry Noodles

1 pound meat raw and chopped I used Pork tonight
1 medium bag frozen veggies of what ever you like tonight Snow pea medley
1 package rice noodles (cooked and drained) set aside
cilantro as much as you want I used 1/3 cup sorta
and sauces
any Asian flare will work
tonight I used
some of the Asian salad dressing
soy sauce, hoisen sauce, fish sauce, red chili sauce

Use about 1/4 cup for each of your sauces and then add water to make up 1 1/2 cup liquid.
Spicy sauces and salty sauces use less according to your taste.

Other sauces you could try are
lemon or lime juice, sherry, jalapeno juice really what ever you think would be good.

In a wok or large pot brown the meat in oil and a splash of salad dressing, when almost done add
veggies stir lightly with meat until heated thru. pour in half of the liquid bring it up to a boil. Add cooked noodles and cilantro stir until coated. Add the rest of the liquid cook until noodles are re heated. By this time most of the liquid should be absorbed. That is it, the vegetables and meat will not be totally incorporated in to the noodles, to serve put noodles on the plate and add meat and veggies on the top. The meal was great and I planned on leftovers when I bought these quantities but everyone had seconds even the 6 and 3 year old. Try it out it only cost about $20 and took 20 minutes.

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